Best Lawn Care Service

The lawn on your Cambridgeshire property is an important part of your home and you want it to get the best care possible. The problem is, with so many lawn care companies in the area how do you know which one to go for? They range from those that drive around in dilapidated trucks with out-of-date equipment to those with brand new trucks and equipment. You may be tempted to go with the latter because they look like they can get the job done. This is not the best approach. When choosing a lawn care service there are several things that you should look into:
When it comes to lawn care you will find that there are some companies that are extraordinarily cheap – beware of these. They are usually this way because they cut corners. When you are thinking about how much you want to be paying for lawn care every month you should consider the treatments that you want on your lawn. If you want additional services like fertilizing and aeration you will buy a more expensive package.
The best lawn care companies hire agronomists to work with them. These are people who do more than just cut grass – they can check your lawn for diseases, overall health and so on and if they find any problems they know how to treat them.
The last thing you want is some hooligan out in your front yard mowing your lawn. Always check presentation – what is the overall appearance like? Are they wearing uniform? Do they identify themselves? Are they fast? Do they clean up after themselves?
You should look into whether the company uses chemicals to treat lawns. There are some companies that are very generous with them because they achieve faster results. The best kind of lawn care is organic and chemicals should only be used in the presence of a professional and only when absolutely necessary.
What do others who have used them in the past have to say about them? You can ask for 2 or 3 references and you can also look online. If you find more than a couple of negative comments it is best to move on.
One of the most reliable, professional and experienced lawn care companies in Cambridgeshire is Pro Lawn Care. They have been in business for more than 15 years and they deliver every time.