How to exchange timeshare points

Timeshare owners continue to grow globally, with around 8 million timeshare owners today. Not all timeshare owners use the typical fixed weekly hours. Some have opted for timeshare points. Possessing points gives vacation ownership a lot of flexibility and allows you to vacation at some of the best resorts in the world if you plan properly. And when you learn to trade for free, you can enjoy glamorous vacations at super low prices. These points can be redeemed as fixed weeks.

What looks like a complicated system at first glance is a simple concept. Timeshare points are really just vacation currency. Point owners redeem them for a vacation at the resort. And just like a dollar gives you more value when you rent hotels in the off-season, you also earn points. A certain number of points (for example 10,000) can be redeemed during one week in the “low season” and possibly two or even three in the “low season”. Another option is that they can be traded for two or three weekends instead of a week. There are other combinations that points can be redeemed for. Just use your imagination on the different options to redeem points. However, they understand that points can be a flexible option for vacation ownership.

It’s easy to redeem available points. All you have to do is call your station and redeem the points you have for the time in one or more stations on offer. At some resort clubs (e.g. Diamond Resorts, Westgate Resorts and Disney Vacation Club) you can redeem these points at different resorts. Each station has a different tariff overview so that you can reach different time slots. Still confused? Yes, the dots can make you dizzy at first, but once you get the hang of it you can potentially have more flexibility when it comes to vacation. What most people don’t understand is that resorts can sell a virtually unlimited number of points because no certificates are used when purchasing timeshare points. Owners who cannot use all of their points can usually carry them over to the following year.

Timeshare redemption is easy. The first thing you want to familiarize yourself with is exactly what your points can be redeemed for (e.g. 1 week in Resort A, 4 days in Resort B, 1 weekend in Resort C, 2 weeks around this period the station D.) It depends on the season, the station and the desired days of the week. So write it down. If you want to take action, you need to make it clear to the other member what exactly they can achieve. It may be clear to you, but this is all new to her.

The next thing you want to do, I learned from members of our website. As with many things, good marketing is important. We have to find those who would be good trading partners. Discover the most sought after destinations by internet users. Next, write down one or more stations from each location you can offer for the exchange. Then make a list for each station you can offer. Since potential business partners search for a potential company or landlord by station or destination name, you create a list for each station. Make sure that each ad clearly states what you are offering (e.g. 7000 points in Complex A). Also, clearly state why these points can be redeemed (one week during this period, one weekend during this period, etc.).

There are over eight million timeshare owners in over 5,000 timeshare resorts around the world. It is estimated that only 15% of owners have bought points. While timeshare points can be a little confusing at first, many owners insist that they add a lot of flexibility to their vacation every year.