Second Hand Paddock Mower

Buying a second hand paddock mower is not easy – indeed, buying any kind of equipment second hand requires that you be very careful or you may end up with machinery that is useless. When it comes to paddock mowers the most important thing is to know where to look. You can start by checking in farms around you – there may be farmers nearby who are looking to sell off used mowers, and you may be lucky enough to find one that is in good condition.
Another good place to look is online. You will find that there are many sites that sell second hand farm equipment including paddock mowers. It is a bit trickier to buy online than to buy from a farm near you because you don’t get to see the equipment before it is delivered. There are ways that you can protect yourself. Buy only from reputable websites – you will find paddock mowers on sites like EBay but there are some smaller ones that can be trusted. You should make sure that you get a good return policy in case you get a mower that isn’t up to standard. Once you identify a paddock mower online you should check to see whether the seller is close by – if you are lucky you may be able to see the mower before you buy it.
If you feel like buying a second hand paddock mower is too much of a risk you can find companies around you that rent them. You only need to mow your paddocks from time to time so it makes sense to rent one when you need it.
ProGroundcare is one such company. They have a vast array of paddock equipment including paddock mowers that you can lease at any time. find out how on their website,