Glass shelving unit

A glass shelving unit is a great addition to any room in your home – not only does it offset other pieces, it also allows the room to look like it has more natural light. You, however, have to be careful when you are choosing glass shelves for the different rooms – the requirements for each are different. Let us start with the kitchen or dining room. A glass shelf in either of these rooms will make your dinner set look very pretty but because of daily handling these shelves tend to chip especially at the corners. The best kind of glass for shelving cabinets in these rooms needs to be made out of to be made out of toughened glass.
If you want a glass shelving unit for your living room you should first think about what you want to put on it. If you will be putting books you should carefully consider additional support – they are heavy ad without it there is a risk of the unit coming down. If, however, you will use it for small decorative items you can install it with the usual amount of support. Make sure that you install all units far away enough from tables and chairs and high enough so that you don’t bump into them.
There are really no particular requirements for glass shelving units in the bathroom except that they be mounted properly on the wall and away from the walking area. That said, keep in mind that they mist up when you run hot water but this shouldn’t be a problem because you can simply wipe them down.
For the hallway, make sure that any glass shelving units are installed away from doors and that there is a lot of space for people to navigate around. The same goes for the bedroom.
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