How to Choose Glass Door Designs for Office

Are you looking for the best glass door designs for office? Do you want to know which considerations can enable you to make a smart decision? If yes, you are in the right place. Many people like to use glass doors for their offices. Glass doors boost productivity and leave a lasting impression with an inspiring and eye-catching appearance. In the current condition, many stunning designs are available to help users to find the best fit for their office depending on their budget and workplace environment. In this article, we will discuss different types of designs and other things. You can go through them and then decide depending on your requirements.


As mentioned earlier, many impressive designs are available. More importantly, all of them look stunning and can boost the curb appeal of any office. Let’s cover some beautiful designs.


  • Patterned: Patterned glass designs can be ideal both for a traditional and contemporary look. You will find unlimited options to get an impressive look for your office. These designs will offer enhanced security with many other benefits.
  • Etched: Etched designs come as decorative and modern pieces of art to make your office stand out in the crowd. You can use it for your office partitions.
  • Commercial: These doors can be personalized with your office logo. The design will be customized and can reflect the unique characteristics of an office.
  • Colored: Many of us love a good combination of colors. You can use beautiful color panels to make the design striking. You can give it a personalized touch by combing your unique style.
  • LED Ledge Lit: You are going to love this design. It looks exceptional and reflective. It can be the right choice for the entertainment industry.
  • Digitally Printed: You can transform the look and feel of your office by using digitally printed glass. The high-resolution images will create a distinct recognition.
  • Sculptures: The art sculpture comes with a modern or contemporary design. These designs can offer striking and stunning effects. If you are looking for modern designs, you should not look beyond this option. It can be best for the hospitality industry.

All these designs can be customized depending on the unique choice of users. You can be a little creative and make the end product more stunning. Also, these designs are sturdy and boost the security of your office environment. You just need to choose the right material to make the most out of your investment.


There are different types of glasses, and all the glasses come with some unique features. When etched glass will offer a sophisticated and elegant look, the colored glass can be the best for a contemporary appearance. Also, the etched glass will offer more privacy compared to other designs.

The digitally printed glass and LED ledge lit will be more impressive with a distinct look. Before choosing any of these glass door designs, you will have to understand your specific purpose. Your budget will play the determining role as well.


The number of employees in your Cambridge office has grown and you have decided to install glass partition systems. Finding these systems is not as easy as you may think. While there are many companies that supply glass partitions in Cambridge and across the UK it is important to make sure that you choose one that will do an installation that will last.
Your initial interactions with a company can tell you a lot about the quality of work that they do. There are some companies that will be ready to do an installation as soon as you talk to them. They will provide you with a quote over the phone and tell you that they are prepared to start the job right away. Do not be fooled – this is not efficiency. In fact, it is a rather good indication that you are not dealing with a good glass partition supplier.
A god supplier will explain that it is important to see your office before they can recommend any of their products. They will send one of their experts around for a tour and after a good look around they will recommend several partition styles and then you can make your choice. Once you point out one that you prefer they will provide you with a written quote and if you like they can also give you a floor plan so that you can see what the subdivided workspace will look like.
A company that is reluctant to give you a written quote is likely to bring you problems down the road – they can inflate their bill and there will not be much that you can do about it. You should also insist in seeing a portfolio of recently completed office partitions. Get a few references that you can talk to about the quality of work of the vendor that you have in mind, and if possible visit their offices so that you can see for yourself what the partitions looks like.
Once the partitions are in you ought to take good care of them. Let your employees know that although they are made of toughened glass it doesn’t mean that they are impossible to break – if they experience high impact they will come down. If you are worried about employees walking into the partitions you can have the glass frosted or etched – it costs more but it will keep everyone safe and your partitions will last longer. Lastly, make sure that your cleaning crew understands how best to clean the partitions – they shouldn’t use any abrasive cleaners or sponges that can leave scratches.
One of the best glass partition systems installers in Cambridge is Go Glass. You can get in touch with them through for more information.

Glass Door Design

You have opted to go with glass doors for your home and you have to decide on what designs would be best. There are many different glass door designs that you can choose from and your choice will be dictated by the overall layout of your home as well as the decor effect that you hope to create. There are some doors, for example, that slide, while there are others that have to be pushed open much like wooden doors.
There are many places that you can find glass door designs. You can start by talking to vendors in your area. Ask them to show you their catalogues of glass doors. You will find many different designs but don’t feel overwhelmed 0 collect the catalogues so that at a later date you can spend some time and choose the designs you feel would be best for your doors.
You can also look online for glass door designs. There are many websites that feature dozens of different designs and you can visit these and pick designs that you feel appeal to you. You can also look in interior decor magazines as they tend to feature the latest designs.
The important thing is not to settle on any one design in a hurry. You can start by making a shortlist of at least 10 designs that appeal to you and then pare this list down until you find what you are looking for. You should take a little time to imagine how the doors will look once they are installed in your home. Make sure that you choose glass doors that are easy to clean – not all of them are etched for easy maintenance.
Talk to Go Glass – they have many different designs that you can choose from as you will see on

Installing Glass Stair Banisters

Banisters that are made from glass can really give a room a very unique appearance. Wooden stair banisters are classic, and they still have a lot of appeal today. Some people will specifically try to add these banisters to older homes in order to give them a more traditional appearance. Wooden stair banisters will look appropriate in almost all homes, and this will also be the case for glass stair banisters.
In many cases, glass stair banisters will really look excellent in homes that are more modern and minimalist in terms of their design. A glass stair banister has a solid look to it. At the same time, because it is transparent, it will have less of a closed look to it. People are often interested in that sort of effect, particularly if they are trying to create stairs that look great.
With glass stair banisters, people can really add something to almost any staircase. These sorts of banisters will be easier to clean than the wooden versions, which will all have to be cleaned individually. Some of those banisters can tend to attract dust fairly easily, and this can be a little frustrating for the people who are tasked with keeping the staircases clean in the first place. Fortunately, people won’t have to worry about these issues as much when they get their glass stair banisters instead.
Glass stair banisters can be cleaned in the manner of a typical window or a glass door, which is part of the appeal of these sorts of features in the first place. A lot of people will enjoy these sorts of glass stair banisters, even if they are not responsible for cleaning them. These highly reflective features can create a lot of very striking contrasts right away for everyone involved.

Glass Without Frames

Glass doors often have very stylish and decorative frames, but they certainly do not require them. Getting glass without frames has become very popular these days, especially with the people who are interested in a very minimalist sort of interior design. Some of these options will help to make a house look much simpler in a way that only makes it look more luxurious. This is often the case for glass doors that do not have frames.
Mirrors that lack frames have been popular for a long time, although it is also common for people to get mirrors that have their own decorative or stylish frames. People might be interested in a mirror that is larger or broader, since it means that the reflective surface of the mirror is going to be that much bigger in general. The glass doors that do not have frames are also going to look as if they are a lot bigger, and this is something that is going to appeal to plenty of the people who are interested in interior design.
Having a narrower door or mirror might be more appealing for some people. However, other people are interested in making the room look larger. Mirrors and glass in general can do that, since they have reflective surfaces that seem to cause the room to expand. People who are a little bit claustrophobic might be able to strongly benefit from glass doors and mirrors that do not have frames, since they will really make a room look that much more spacious.
Some people will be interested in exploring options like these, especially if they are in the process of designing their homes again. There are lots of possibilities involved with all interior design, particularly for the people who are curious about the glass that does and does not have frames.

Glass Shower Screens

The bathrooms in your home have frustrated you for years – they seem too small, they never seem to get enough natural light and keeping them clean is an uphill battle. For many homeowners the answer is knock out a wall or two to make them bigger, but before you take this momentous step you should stop and consider whether installing glass shower walls can have the same effect – it is much faster to do, will cost less and may even look better.
Glass shower walls are becoming a popular choice among home owners because they make small spaces look larger. Cleverly designed, they have the potential to transform your bathrooms into brand new spaces. Once you get rid of shower curtains and install glass walls instead the space will look bigger and the room lighter – the light coming in through the window will be reflected around the room.
There are other benefits of glass shower walls. You know how you have to replace your shower curtains every few months because they become so grimy? Most shower curtains are designed in such a way as not to display dirt. A glass shower wall, on the other hand, will force you to do something about the streaks – it will only be a matter of time before you can’t stand their sight and are forced to clean them.
Another benefit of glass shower walls is that they will last a long time. true, installation will cost you more than a shower curtain, but when you think about how many years the glass will last you will see that it makes financial sense.
Now that you are convinced that glass shower walls are the way to go we suggest that you visit Go Glass, one of the top vendors in Cambridge. They have a wide variety that you can choose from and they offer reasonable pricing.

Glass Banister

Banisters are a crucial part of any staircase. They help add a tremendous sense of style and lots of flair to any room. A well chosen stair banister can also serve as the room’s focal point and greet guests as they arrive to the home. The banister can also be customized to fit in with the rest of the home’s details. For example, the person may have lots of existing wood and glass in the home. It may also have lots of curves. These curves and the use of materials can be used on the banister in order to help add additional style and bring the entire room to life. A banister that is well crafted will also serve as a means of upgrading the entire home and make it more appealing to anyone who might be interested in buying it. These details really add up to something that makes the home a place to relax and enjoy.
One element that works well with any staircase are the use glass banisters. Glass makes the ideal material for use in a banister. Glass is a transparent material that allows light to penetrate to the rest of the home. It also brings in air and makes it easier for air to flow from one room to the next with ease. A glass banister can also be customized to the user’s personalized specifications. For example, one person may want to have a glass banister that is opaque to allow for additional light to flow into the room and yet still preserve the room’s inherent privacy. Glass can be precisely customized to the user’s specific likes. This helps people create a staircase in their home that has been designed to their personalized tastes and specific likes. It is why so many people love having a glass banister in their home.

Glass shelving unit

A glass shelving unit is a great addition to any room in your home – not only does it offset other pieces, it also allows the room to look like it has more natural light. You, however, have to be careful when you are choosing glass shelves for the different rooms – the requirements for each are different. Let us start with the kitchen or dining room. A glass shelf in either of these rooms will make your dinner set look very pretty but because of daily handling these shelves tend to chip especially at the corners. The best kind of glass for shelving cabinets in these rooms needs to be made out of to be made out of toughened glass.
If you want a glass shelving unit for your living room you should first think about what you want to put on it. If you will be putting books you should carefully consider additional support – they are heavy ad without it there is a risk of the unit coming down. If, however, you will use it for small decorative items you can install it with the usual amount of support. Make sure that you install all units far away enough from tables and chairs and high enough so that you don’t bump into them.
There are really no particular requirements for glass shelving units in the bathroom except that they be mounted properly on the wall and away from the walking area. That said, keep in mind that they mist up when you run hot water but this shouldn’t be a problem because you can simply wipe them down.
For the hallway, make sure that any glass shelving units are installed away from doors and that there is a lot of space for people to navigate around. The same goes for the bedroom.
If you live in Cambridge and are looking to buy glass shelving units there is no better place to go than Go Glass. They have been in business since 1978 and they are specialist in all things glass. You will find that they have different designs of glass shelves and you can be sure that you will find pieces to suit your style. You can find out more on

Glass Suppliers in Cambridge

Top 4 Questions You Need to Ask Glass Suppliers in Cambridge

When looking for glass suppliers, you will notice that there are a lot of them in Cambridge. While most of them will tell you that they are the best in terms of product and pricing, not all of them can guarantee customer satisfaction. You have to be real choosy with the supplier you will deal with, or you can end up spending more than you should. You have to know your suppliers well, which you can do by asking them these questions.

  • How long have you been in business? You can tell that a company is expert in something if it has been doing it for quite a long time. Hence, it is recommended that you find a company that has been providing glass products and services for many years. Seasoned glass suppliers in Cambridge would be more than eager to discuss their experiences with you. You want to get more information about glass engraving Cambridge, take your time to visit our site.
  • Can you provide samples of your work? Glass companies that have supplied to a considerable number of customers should be able to show you numerous work samples. Expect them to have brochures ready for potential customers like you. It can also be a good idea to ask for references. This way, you can see their work for real and decide for yourself if they have what it takes to provide you with the kind of product you want for your home or office.
  • Do you offer cheaper alternatives? You may want to look for glass suppliers in Cambridge that can offer cost-effective solutions to your needs. The best glass suppliers should be able to discuss with you the different options that match your budget. They should make suggestions with both the interest of the business and the customers in mind.
  • Do you have after-sales services? Your relationship with the glass supplier should not end right after the purchase. Ask these companies about any service warranty and how they would respond in the event that the materials you bought from them malfunction or get damaged. Beware of glass companies in Cambridge that treat their customers good only during the selling process.

Of course, in order to guarantee that their answers to your questions are true, you may need to research on their background. You can consult the appropriate local agency to learn about the credentials of these companies. You may also want to ask around for anyone who had dealt with glass companies in Cambridge.