home weather station

Whether you are looking to monitor the weather for fun or need reliable information to prepare, properly selecting a home weather station is not easy. Buying a home weather station includes many decisions. First, different types of stations are available on the market depending on your needs and budget. Second, you must choose which kind of technology each station employs since each has its plus points and disadvantages. Weather forecasts are more accurate these days but still have limitations that may require expert interpretation. Hand-held devices will work well enough for many people who want some basic information about conditions in their area.

  1. Basic Stations- With this type of home weather station, installing an outdoor unit on the roof or the outside wall of your home is usually necessary. Then an indoor unit displays the information. One advantage of this type is that it offers a more detailed and possibly customizable forecast than you normally get through weather forecasts.
  2. Personal Stations- You can also use this station to pinpoint what you need to know about the conditions in your area without needing any outside equipment. These stations typically give you very specific information and forecasts, but they do not always offer as much detail as other stations, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on who is using them and how many people are sharing the data. If someone needs to keep track of changes over time or monitor climatic changes, these stations are not ideal for that purpose since they are just providing snapshots at a time in the past.
  3. Typical Weather Stations– These stations provide a more general and average forecast for your area in terms of temperature, humidity, wind speeds, and rainfall over time. Such stations usually do not offer specific information about your local climate or help you to keep track of changes in weather patterns because they are just providing averages based on data from many other weather sources. This type is easy to use but does not give detailed information.
  4. Advanced Personal Weather Station (APWS)- With this type, you can receive very specific forecasts and data, especially if an expert has programmed it. You may get meteorological alerts this way, but such signals require proper interpretation and action, which may also take some research to make sure you understand the implications and decide on an appropriate course of action. The station can also monitor climatic changes and report them over time, but again, this information requires interpretation and knowledge to use properly, which may not be available in some locales.

With these basic ideas about weather stations in mind, you can get more exact information about what kinds of features each station provides and how they work. Do not forget that forecasts’ accuracy depends on factors such as environment and geography, so your results may vary from other people’s experiences with the same equipment. Get yourself informed before buying any home weather station type so you can figure out what kind will meet your needs best.

The cctv camera system roles

CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera systems are a type of security system that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific, limited set of monitors. This differs from broadcast television, which sends a signal to the general public. CCTV camera systems are often used in businesses and other places where security is important.

The lenses and resolution of CCTV cameras can vary greatly. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a cctv camera system is the resolution of the images. Higher resolutions can capture more detail and are useful for identification purposes.

There are also three main types of cctv cameras, including infrared (IR) cameras, black-and-white cameras, and color cameras. The type needed will depend on the specific use of each camera.

CCTV cameras are used in many different types of businesses. For example, they can be found in banks to protect the assets and transactions within the bank, as well as parking lots to monitor traffic flow. They also can be used by schools (and other places of learning) to observe halls and other open areas. Another common use for cctv cameras is in retail stores, where they are used to prevent theft and identify suspects.

While CCTV camera systems offer a high level of security, there are some potential drawbacks. One such drawback is that the footage captured by the cameras can be used in criminal proceedings. Additionally, cctv camera systems can be expensive to install and maintain. However, when used correctly, they can be a valuable tool in protecting people and property.

There are many different types of CCTV camera systems available on the market. It is important to select the system that is right for your specific needs. Be sure to consider the resolution of the images, the type of camera, and the environment where the cameras will be used.

There are several different types of cctv camera systems, including the following:

Bullet cameras- have a cylindrical shape and are the most popular type of cctv camera. They can be used in a variety of locations, including hallways, outdoor areas, and store fronts.

Mini dome cameras– have a hemispherical shape that allows for 360-degree viewing range. They can be flush-mounted to walls or ceilings for discreet surveillance.

PTZ cameras- pan, tilt, and zoom to provide a wide range of viewing angles. They are often used in large areas, such as airports and stadiums.

When selecting a CCTV camera system, it is important to consider the following factors:

Resolution- the resolution of a CCTV camera is measured in pixels. The higher the resolution, the more detail the camera will be able to capture.

Type of camera- there are three main types of CCTV cameras: infrared (IR), black-and-white, and color. The type of camera needed will depend on the specific use of each camera.

Environment- the environment where the camera will be used should be considered when choosing the best CCTV camera system. For example, an IR camera is not appropriate for use in a brightly lit area because it will not capture clear images.

Price- cctv cameras vary greatly in price depending on the features included and the type of camera used. Choosing the most expensive model may not be necessary; instead, select the system that meets your specific needs.

Why you need mobile breathing rate sensor.

Mobile apps are a big part of daily life. We use them to catch up on the news, chat with friends and check our finances. Several studies have found that as many as 77% use their smartphones as an alarm clock at night.

So why not monitor your breathing rates using a mobile breathing rate sensor? This article will give you reasons why having a sensor for this is so great.

1) Monitor your sleep quality

Your sleep plays a very important role in your health – it can even affect weight gain and loss! Your breathing rate changes throughout the night, but if you have an irregular sleeping pattern, then it’s going to be hard to keep track of what could be causing any issues or problems during slumber hours.

2) Track stress levels

When you feel stressed, your breathing rate changes, there are several mobile apps for this, but it’s worth noting that if you need help coping with your stress, there are plenty of options out there to keep you feeling calm and collected.

3) Monitor asthma, COPD, and other lung conditions

Some mobile health apps can monitor asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or another type of lung condition by using a sensor that attaches to your phone. If you’re trying to track the effects of an inhaler on your lungs, for example, then it’s important to be able to measure exactly what kind of breathing rates you have at any given moment in time.

4) Recover after exercise or illness

You must start to breathe slowly and fully after an episode of exercise or illness. If your breathing rate is too high, it can mean that you aren’t giving yourself enough time to recover properly.

5) See how the weather affects your breathing

If you’re concerned about changes in air quality, then wearing a sensor can give you great insight into this. A sensor will be able to monitor the number of pollutants in your home or wherever else you are spending time, so don’t hesitate to invest in one if environmental concerns are something really important to you.

6) Keep track of medication side effects

Some medications have side effects which directly affect breathing rates! Monitoring every aspect of your health with a good app means that medical professionals will see how this medication is affecting you.

7) Get insightful recommendations

Most mobile health apps will give recommendations based on your previous breathing rates or other information you input into the app. Whether it’s something simple like “Breathe deeply” or a change in medication dosage levels, these apps can help you to stay well and look after yourself from day to day.

There are several great options for monitoring breathing rates using a sensor. Still, if tracking your sleep quality with technology gets too expensive, then there are some alternatives that you could consider trying. Recording your breathing rate manually is also possible by keeping track of the time between breaths over 30 minutes. Once this has been done, simply count the number of breaths in this period to get a rough breathing rate.

You may also want to consider investing in a fitness tracker which will monitor your heart rate and other metrics). These can be great for not only seeing how well you’re recovering after illness or exercise but also to keep track of general health trends over time too.

Reasons to install cctv camera system at your business premises.

You are responsible for the safety and security of your business and the best way of making your property safe is with the installation of CCTV camera system. It is an excellent way of making sure that no one will try to cause to any damages to your business premises so that you will get complete peace of mind. But for this you will need to install the cameras at the most important location of your premises so that it will capture the entire property effectively. The installation of the CCTV camera is the best way of increasing the safety and security of your business premises dramatically. Your workers and employees will feel protected when they are working at the property so that you will enjoy the desired quality of results. Whether it for recording videos or deterring the entry of criminals in your property, these cameras function to protect your property as well as its belongings.

There are many reasons why you will need to install CCTV camera system at your property and the most important reason is that it acts as serious deterrent so that no one will carry out any illegal activities in your property. It also helps in monitoring the activities of criminals so that no one will try to damage your business premise while you will be able to focus on the important aspects of your business. These cameras functions for providing higher safety and security at your property that will eventually lower the insurance premium of your business property. Hence, you will have to spend less money on the insurance premium when you take the right steps for protecting your property from all kind of risks and dangers. Since, the crime rates at the business premises are extremely high, you will need to take proactive measures that are needed for keeping the safety of your property intact. You will also be able to view and monitor the activities seen on the camera on your Smartphone and tablets from any part of the world. You will no longer have to worry about anyone entering into your property unauthorized because you will keep a record of all the visitors.

CCTV camera system is the best way of deterring vandalism at your property because the criminals are aware of the presence of camera and hence they will not commit a crime fearing they might be captured. Therefore, you will need to select the best brand, model and make of the camera so that your business will derive maximum benefits from the use of the camera for securing your business premise. Moreover, no one will try to shot lift anything from your store when the CCTV cameras are visible so that you will not face business losses. Your employees will also not carry any kind of illegal activities at your property when you are not present so that you will get complete peace of mind that you will get a safe and secure business premises for a long period of time.

The Difference Between Etching And Engraving

Etching and engraving are used interchangeably though there are important distinctions which is between them. Major difference between etching and engraving is a depth of a mark. Then what’s the difference between etching and engraving? Engraving is the computer generated process that has the beam of light which basically drills into a product in a way to remove top layer. You may discover that with engraving, surface is very rough to touch where the design may appear uneven. However, etching is the manual process that use the film stencil that can develop the required image together with the area which etched is got sand blasted. Etching result at the same time as more manual giving you softer and clearer satin finish. It is know that etching is 100% permanent and this won’t come off an item. The image of the engraving is designed and also the design of etching can be seen with a visual difference.

Etching, and engraving have the marking that have different applications which can be used together with different materials. Engraving is effectively on almost various material of the choice that include metals, wood, plastics, leather, glass, soft materials such as paper, and acrylic. Etching affects the materials surface, enhancing contract and altering reflective. The best material to use for the etching are anodized or bare aluminum, stainless steel, plated metals, ceramics and polymers. Etching is widely used throughout the industry to make permanent marking without destroying the materials. It can also be used to form UID codes, bar codes, logos, and QR codes, for different products.

Engraving creates the cone-shaped indentation in a chosen material with the help of the high-powered laser. Deep cut is around 0.020″ to 0.125″, but the deeper engravings will be attained by passing a laser on similar place for some times. Engraving is best for the parts which experience tear and wear, but not all parts which are critical for the safety. Engraving is the best for keepsake items and also personalizing gifts, and may be used with different materials.

Etching creates the shallow markings which is about 0.001″ through the help of high-powered laser that make the surface layer to melt using the chosen material. It is the best for the low-wear applications because the shallow markings have the tendency of fading easily with time. The hard materials like anodized, plate or bare metal surfaces are actually the best materials to be used in the etching applications.

Chemi ETCH

The uplifting news for craftsmen who are keen on making the cold look of etched glass is that the procedure currently takes around 3 minutes of time. The six stage process starts with the utilization of glass etching cream. The procedure isn’t just simple it is sheltered. The outcomes are treasures that will be cherished by your family for a considerable length of time. The best part is this procedure fits effectively into any home interest.

If you don’t mind remember that etching is lasting, and the treatment won’t wear off, or be evacuated. The etching turns out to be a piece of the glass itself. The advantage is that specialists can figure out how to add concealing to their undertakings.

The impact of etching can be accomplished in three different ways. Sand impacting, laser etching and chemical etching. In this article, we talk about how to utilize chemicals to deliver etching on glass. Laser etching is costly and requires uncommon hardware. Sand Blasting is utilized on heavier evaluation glass and makes a wreck. It isn’t extremely command post inviting. For the locally situated craftsman that leaves chemical etching.


It is significant that each venture start with wellbeing. Wellbeing for yourself, and your youngsters. Make certain to adhere to the directions that are illustrated by the producer.

Supplies Needed:

Covering Tape

Build up Free Cheese Cloth

Cotton Buds

Latex Gloves


Paper Towels

Defensive Goggles

Apparel that is long sleeved.

Stage 1: Preparing the Glass:

The initial step is to clean the glass. The glass must be as perfect as could be expected under the circumstances. Glass cleaner that is Finger Print Resistant ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. It delivers a film on the glass that avoids that etching cream from etching. Ensure that once the glass is spotless it is additionally liberated from fingerprints and smirches The glass must be totally dry before continuing to the subsequent stage.

Stage 2: Creating the Design:

Utilizing care, cut the stencil and the support sheet to estimate utilizing a couple of scissors. Cutting the two sheets simultaneously keeps your fingerprints from getting onto the rear of the stencil. Fingerprints can upset the chemical procedure and cause the etching to be of low quality.

When the site for the etching is found, evacuate the sponsorship paper and apply the blue stencil to the outside of the glass so the clingy surface is in contact with the glass. Utilizing veiling tape you can solidly connect the stencil set up.

Cautiously move the stencil to the glass by scouring a wood create stick over the stencil. Use alert with the goal that the stick doesn’t tear the stencil. You will realize that you are doing this effectively on the grounds that the shade of the paper will change from dull blue to a lighter shade of blue.

Stage 3: Removal of the Carrier Sheet:

When the shade of the stencil has gone to a uniform light blue, you can expel the unmistakable plastic transporter sheet. To do this, cautiously evacuate a segment of veiling tape and afterward, lift up one corner of the stencil. In the event that the stencil didn’t totally move essentially supplant the blue sheet and transporter sheet and rub the stencil back onto the glass with your wooden specialty stick.

Stage 4: Protecting Clear zones with Tape:

Any segment of the glass around the stencil that you would prefer not to unintentionally become etched should be secured with covering tape. Start by first taping around the edge of your structure and afterward work outward to cover any spots that you need secured. At the point when you get to a zone where you should cover the tape at that point do as such by leaving a 2-3mm cover.

To guarantee that the tape is immovably clung to the outside of the glass utilize the iced back up sheet to press tenderly over the tape and stencil region. You can hold the article up to a light source to check if there are any little openings in the tape. In the event that you find that there are gaps, just spread them over with tape, and rehash this progression to ensure that new tape is solidly appended. The objective is to keep any etching cream from leaking under the edges of the tape. TIP: Do make an effort not to expel the tape as it will make the structure tear.

Stage 5: Using the Armor Etching Cream:

Kindly read the producers guidelines. You will see a helpful hint in the directions. Room temperature is best at 22C. When your article is appropriately taped, you are prepared to apply the Armor Etching Cream. To start, shake the holder to guarantee that substance are all around blended. Wear your wellbeing latex gloves and goggles. Spot the article to be etched over paper or cardboard. NOTE: you are working with a corrosive, so ensure that you are close to enough to a water source to wash any corrosive off your skin on the off chance that you should come into contact with the corrosive. NEVER WORK WITH ACID WITHOUT GOGGLES.

The etching cream must be applied in a thick layer. The objective is that once the cream is applied, you can’t see the through it, to the plan. Apply the cream cautiously guaranteeing that it remains inside the taped off region.

Stage 6: Finishing up the Project:

Keep on wearing your Goggles and gloves. When the etching cream has been on the article for a moment, turn on the tap and alter the water temperature to luke warm. Recall the etching cream just needs to remain on the glass for one moment. When that moment is up, tenderly flush off the etching cream under the tap. When the entirety of the etching cream has been evacuated, you can expel the tape and stencil.

The last advance is again to clean the glass utilizing class cleaner and dry totally.


The craft of glass etching has a rich, and a profound history that utilization masterful aptitude in mix with a hand-made method. There are numerous utilization for glass etching that incorporate items made out of precious stone, glass marble and even stone.

A Brief Intro to Chemical Etching

What exactly is chemical etching?

Chemical etching also referred to as “chemical milling” or “industrial etching”, happens to be a subtractive procedure in manufacturing. The process involves the spraying or immersion of metals using temperature-regulated chemical substances for removing some particular areas in the metal so as to produce the required thickness, shape, and geometric features or complicated designs.

Chemical etching allows the producers to produce metallic components even with the most complicated and difficult designs, all whilst achieving consistent production quality and high repeatability.

How does the process work?

The conventional chemical etching process involves a sequence of essential steps:

1. Cleaning

In this step, the metal surface to be etched is prepared by getting rid of oils, grease, residues, plus some other pollutants. Cleaning happens to be a vital step given that a polluted surface might lead to improper adhesion of the photoresist film that can cause defects in the long run. When the process is completed, the workers must not handle the material using their hands since the material can become polluted by the oils and sweats from the human skin.

2. Lamination

In this step, a dry film photoresist is going to be applied to the surface. The areas of the metal which won’t be etched will be protected by the photoresist. These films will be applied to either side at the same time by laminating or rolling onto the material by making use of temperature, pressure, and at times water.

3. Exposure

The material, in this particular step, will be guided between a couple of “masks” having the negative image of the component that has to be produced. Either glass or mylar will be used for making these masks. Subsequently, collimated, high intensity, and ultraviolet light will be shined through the masks from either direction, thus crosslinking the film in sites where the mask images are not blocking the light.

4. Developing

The material has to be developed following the exposure. This particular step dissolves the non-crosslinked film chemically which is responsible for exposing the bare metal underneath. The material which is left safeguarded by the film will become the finished product in the long run.

5. Etching

After the development phase, the chemi etch chambers will be fed by the metal where etchant will be sprayed from the top as well as bottom at the same time. This procedure dissolves or etches the metal which is unprotected for achieving the desired item. Careful monitoring is needed by an etchant bath when it comes to the composition, concentration, and temperature of the etchant.

6. Stripping

The film will be removed from the etched material during this process by making use of one more concentration of chemistry.

7. Rinsing and Drying

During this phase, the product has become complete and the films are going to be removed. All residuals must be removed by significant rinsing. This process will be performed by making use of deionized water and reverse osmosis water.

Materials which are Ideal for Chemical Etching

Metals ideal for chemical etching consists of a wide array of nickel alloys, stainless steels, beryllium copper, copper, brass, as well as phosphor bronze.

Importance of Having a Respiratory Rate Machine at Home

The number of breaths a person takes each minute is known as RR or Respiratory Rate. Clinically, it represents the process of ventilation or the movement of air that are coming in and out of the main respiratory organ, the lungs. As per experts, a sudden change in the respiratory rate is the generally the first sign of deterioration as during this stage the body works to maintain the delivery of desirable oxygen to the body tissue. So, unable to recognise the early signs of such mentioned deterioration will definitely result in unwanted outcomes for the person or patient in question. Hence, comes the necessary of having an accurate and efficient respiratory rate machine to properly take care of patient.

Benefits of monitoring respiratory rate

Many studies have claimed that early detection as well as documentation of significant changes in vital signs, especially respiratory rate, is the best possible way to prevent respiratory failure 24 hours prior, which happens to be the initial sign of deterioration in patients being treated in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ward. Furthermore, there have been reports which suggest that an abnormal respiratory rate is a better way to predicate a cardiac arrest within 48 to 72 hours than from changes in blood pressure and/or heart rate. Besides, monitoring and recording RR is an effective way to control and even cure (in some cases) chronic respiratory diseases like COPD (Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary disease), asthma and such others.

Tests like PFTs (Pulmonary function test) and other such methods are capable of providing informative and accurate assessments, however, the tests can only be conducted in a laboratory setting and are unable to provide a continuous monitoring which a patient living with these diseases need to get the day’s work done without any kind of incident on a regular basis. And this is the very reason why portable and compact respiratory rate machine has become a popular choice; even a must-have in some cases.

Benefits of an effective RR machine

There are many different such machines that are manufactured to be used in a home environment or on-the-go. They are available easily in both local and online stores and come with different advantageous features at different price range.

When a patient opts for such a RR machine, they are getting others features as well:

They are capable of multi-parameter monitoring, meaning they can even provide information related to ECG, heart rate and such others. So, the patient is getting an extensive view at his/her different bodily functions.They are user-friendly device which come with customizable alerts, logging, exporting and transmitting data. So, the patient has the option to set the device to suit his/her preference and lifestyle. At the same time, they can even keep a detailed record of his/her health to provide to their doctors and keep up with the treatment/recovery process.

Finding the right RR machine

Usually, the best ones will have components like senor belts and sensor electronics module which make it easily for the patient to use it all day and transmit the data over a wired or wireless interface with ease. Besides, the best ones can even provide measurements for temperature (both core and skin), IBI etc. A good respiratory rate machine will have fall detection, body position, motion alerts, good internal storage capacity (around 8GB), Bluetooth connectivity, long battery life, GPS as well among other features. So, do your research to find the right one for you or your loved one today!

Importance Of A DIY Weather Station

Weather data is a piece of important information. For the educational purpose, weather data has great significance. You can also be interested in your local weather conditions. To study weather conditions accurately, you need a weather station.

Apart from that weather data is also important for the agricultural sectors. Even, some sports require proper weather data. In the modern world, construction sites use weather information to complete their jobs precisely.

For all the above purposes, you need an updated weather station. A DIY weather station can be a perfect weather station for personal usages. Hence, you should buy the best quality weather station.

Prodata weather systems use cutting-edge technology. Their company supplies high-quality Davis weather stations and accessories. You can use their weather stations for personal and professional uses. To help you, all the bright sides of this weather station are discussed below.

Why Should You choose Prodata Weather Station?

Advanced Technology and Precise Predictions

This weather station comes with advanced technology. It’s available in wireless and cabled versions. You can get accurate weather predictions on these weather stations.

It can tell relative humidity, rainy weather, wind speed, wind pressure and much more. Moreover, this device has options to show soil moisture, UV radiation, solar radiation, etc. All this information is valuable for agricultural purposes.

Software Support and PC Connectivity

If you want to make a live weather information website, then this weather station can help you. The Prodata site has software support. So, it will be easy for you to update your weather data.

Moreover, this weather condition device can be connected to a PC. As a result, you can collect this weather data. You can use this data for educational purposes.

Various Types Of Devices and Accessories

Davis Vantage Vue and Davis Vantage Pro 2 are truly amazing devices. The sensors of these devices are powerful. So, they seldom miss the correct weather predictions.

Apart from that, Prodata has various types of accessories. You can have secondary displays, consoles, mounting accessories, weather protectors, etc. For remote locations, you can have solar kits. So, your weather device can work without any direct power sources.

Easy To Assemble

Prodata weather systems are easy to assemble. Their website has detail information about the devices. Moreover, their website has videos. These videos will help you assemble the weather devices properly.

Impressive Customer Support

This website is ready to help you with their advises. You may have no idea about the weather stations. In that case, you can get help from this site. They can tell you all about the weather station options. Even, they can help you to set up your weather station.

Moreover, Prodata is always ready to satisfy their customers. Hence, they respond to every call.


Davis weather devices are available at an affordable rate. So, you can make your weather station without any hesitation.

To build a personal weather station, you can trust Prodata. They are the leading suppliers of the UK. Their weather systems are updated and advanced. You can have software support and various accessories. Moreover, you can show live updates of weather on your site. Apart from that, you can record and download all the weather-related data on your PC. So, Prodata weather devices are perfect for your personal and professional uses.

The Use of Respiratory Rate Monitoring Products

Good health is an important asset of man. It is imperative that we take good care of our health. When we are healthy, we are able to lead a comfortable life. A healthy man is able to live life better than an unhealthy one. A healthy body means a healthy mind; when you have a sound mind you can be assured that a lot of mental and psychological problems will be eliminated out of your life. Therefore, it is important that you take preventive measures for safeguarding your health.
Among different health issues faced by man, heart related issues are very common and are growing rapidly over the years. Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle has shot up the number of heart related diseases globally. So, it is highly suggested that you take care of your cardiac health. It is advisable to visit a cardiologist regularly to ensure any upcoming disease is detected early on.
You should focus on different aspects of your body to ensure you are healthy. Here we are going to discuss about respiratory rate. It is a globally known fact that respiration is mandatory for the life of man. In fact, it is an act of a living man. Respiratory rate means how many times you are breathing in a minute. There are respiratory rate monitoring products that allow doctors to monitor the rate of respiration of their patients. Also, there is a set number of times you are supposed to breathe in and breathe out. If your breathing rate is either lower or higher than normal then it means there is something wrong within your body. If the respiratory rate of a human being is below normal then it is a more serious issue. Oxygen is needed for the proper functioning of the cells of your body. If the oxygen does not reach the cells of a particular area then it is feared that the particular area will go bad. Therefore, if you notice that the respiratory rate of any of your family members is going down then you should visit an expert doctor right away.
When you take the low respiratory rate patient to the doctor in the early hours, you would do him a great favor. It might help the patient to stay safe from heart attack. When you notice a change in the pattern of respiration in any person, you should take the patient to the intensive care unit right away. When you take the patient to the hospital, the doctor would use one of the respiratory rate monitoring products in order to see the rate of respiration. If the respiration rate is beyond safe limit then emergency services would be rendered to the patient in order to save him from any serious issue.
Health warning signs are sometimes fatal if they are not detected at an early stage. It is imperative that you are always alert to know and detect the signs. When you are able to detect the problems in its initial stage then you know that a big problem can be solved that could occur at a later point of time. Make sure to use the right respiratory rate monitoring products to monitor the rate of respiration.