Importance of Having a Respiratory Rate Machine at Home

The number of breaths a person takes each minute is known as RR or Respiratory Rate. Clinically, it represents the process of ventilation or the movement of air that are coming in and out of the main respiratory organ, the lungs. As per experts, a sudden change in the respiratory rate is the generally the first sign of deterioration as during this stage the body works to maintain the delivery of desirable oxygen to the body tissue. So, unable to recognise the early signs of such mentioned deterioration will definitely result in unwanted outcomes for the person or patient in question. Hence, comes the necessary of having an accurate and efficient respiratory rate machine to properly take care of patient.

Benefits of monitoring respiratory rate

Many studies have claimed that early detection as well as documentation of significant changes in vital signs, especially respiratory rate, is the best possible way to prevent respiratory failure 24 hours prior, which happens to be the initial sign of deterioration in patients being treated in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ward. Furthermore, there have been reports which suggest that an abnormal respiratory rate is a better way to predicate a cardiac arrest within 48 to 72 hours than from changes in blood pressure and/or heart rate. Besides, monitoring and recording RR is an effective way to control and even cure (in some cases) chronic respiratory diseases like COPD (Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary disease), asthma and such others.

Tests like PFTs (Pulmonary function test) and other such methods are capable of providing informative and accurate assessments, however, the tests can only be conducted in a laboratory setting and are unable to provide a continuous monitoring which a patient living with these diseases need to get the day’s work done without any kind of incident on a regular basis. And this is the very reason why portable and compact respiratory rate machine has become a popular choice; even a must-have in some cases.

Benefits of an effective RR machine

There are many different such machines that are manufactured to be used in a home environment or on-the-go. They are available easily in both local and online stores and come with different advantageous features at different price range.

When a patient opts for such a RR machine, they are getting others features as well:

They are capable of multi-parameter monitoring, meaning they can even provide information related to ECG, heart rate and such others. So, the patient is getting an extensive view at his/her different bodily functions.They are user-friendly device which come with customizable alerts, logging, exporting and transmitting data. So, the patient has the option to set the device to suit his/her preference and lifestyle. At the same time, they can even keep a detailed record of his/her health to provide to their doctors and keep up with the treatment/recovery process.

Finding the right RR machine

Usually, the best ones will have components like senor belts and sensor electronics module which make it easily for the patient to use it all day and transmit the data over a wired or wireless interface with ease. Besides, the best ones can even provide measurements for temperature (both core and skin), IBI etc. A good respiratory rate machine will have fall detection, body position, motion alerts, good internal storage capacity (around 8GB), Bluetooth connectivity, long battery life, GPS as well among other features. So, do your research to find the right one for you or your loved one today!