waterproofing spray for jackets

Most Durable Waterproofing Sprays for Jackets

With so many waterproofing spray for jackets on the market these days, finding a highly durable waterproofing spray that you can use on your jackets can be somewhat overwhelming. Moreover, most waterproofing sprays out there are toxic and lots of them also have a strong, nauseating chemical smell as well.

Stormproof Durable waterproofing spray

This durable waterproof spray is ultimately the undisputed leader in the world of waterproof sprays for outdoor gear. It effectively repels oil, soil and water, not to mention how it works on all materials ranging from cotton, nylon, wool, polyester to leather. You only need to spray it evenly onto your jackets, and then leave the jackets outside to dry before cleaning. It is particularly a great choice for cleaning breathable jackets.

Stormproof Seam Sealer

The water-based waterproofing spray comes in a squeezable bottle alongside a foam pad. As such, you can effectively spread the waterproofing spray onto your jackets after spraying them. It is quite safe for cleaning breathable jackets and other types of jackets that are made from light and soft materials, thanks to the fact that it is devoid of any toxic organic chemicals.  It has the ability to reach deep into the thread holes that cause leaks.

Stormproof Waterproofing spray 250ml

The waterproof spray comes with a trigger spray cap designed for easy application. It can be used on virtually any outdoor gear. It is highly effective in repelling soil, water and oil. It is safe on all jackets regardless of the material they are made from, whether polyester, cotton, wool and nylon. Better still, it is free from the toxic organic chemicals that can ruin your jackets.

Knowing where to get a highly durable waterproofing spray for your jackets can dramatically make your work of searching for a quality spray a lot easier. Therefore, contact Stormsure Ltd today and get that high quality waterproofing spray you are searching for.