Villages in Essex with Family Home Properties for Sale

Looking at how fast the coastal town of Essex has grown, it’s undeniable that not many saw it coming. Even though it’s irrefutable that the town’s location has a role to play, much of the growth is linked to the real estate market. For everyone with a family, buying a home property for sale in Essex villagesis worthwhile. Hopkins Homes, a real estate giant, has been on top of things, selling properties of different sizes and styles all over Essex. If you are planning to buy a home for your family, they are the guys to call. They are a recognized brand that boasts of years of property market experience.


The Property Options


Currently, Hopkins Homes have home properties for sale in the following villages:


  • Colne Gardens:The village of Colne Gardens features an array of family homes in the exciting coastal area of Brightling sea. The properties here are ideal for both small-size and large-size households. They come in contemporary and traditional designs. The detail that makes these homes a bargain is their location. You can easily access the beach as it’s a short-cycle distance away from the village. There are also scenic landforms in between. They all contribute to an amazing and scenic village.


  • Mistley Village: Just like Colne Gardens, Mistley Village is ideal for families of whatever size. Each of the family homes is uniquely designed. There is the option of customizing your property before you move in. You just need to talk to Hopkins Homes about your preferences and they will oblige. The locality is surrounded by necessary amenities such as a school, shops, a community swimming pool, and the post office.


Generally, Essex is a great place to buy a family property. The villages have a country feel and thus peaceful. Moreover, they are a short distance away from the coast thus ideal for both vacation and retirement reasons.